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Boro: Rugs and Tatters from the Far North of Japan
Boro: Rugs and Tatters from the Far North of Japan

Edited by Yukiko Koide & Kyoichi Tsuzuki
Aspect, Tokyo, 2009

Aomori, the northernmost prefecture at the tip of Honshu Island, is known for heavy snowfall during the winter. Cotton cultivation is impossible in this climate, making cotton a precious commodity usually imported from the southern part of country. The Aomori people repeatedly fixed up the tears and wears of their clothes and rags by patching and stitching them, until the materials finally turned into shreds­– which they would use to weave into new fabrics.
Focusing on cotton used in daily life such as futons, work clothes, and two-toed socks from the collection of Aomori-born Folklore researcher, Chuzaburo Tanaka, the book introduces this unique textile art born from the struggle to survive against cold and poverty.

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