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Henry Darger's Room 851 Webster
Henry Darger's Room 851 Webster

Edited by Yukiko Koide & Kyoichi Tsuzuki
Imperial Press, Tokyo, 2007


Henry Darger (1829-1973) spent the last 40 years of his life in a rental room on the third floor of a townhouse in Lincoln Park, Chicago. When he could no longer walk up the stairs, Darger moved into a retirement home where he died after five months.  It was while cleaning this room that Darger’s landlord discovered “The Realms of the Unreal”, the famous fantasy manuscript which extends over 15,000 pages, along with hundreds of illustrations.  “Henry Darger’s Room 851 Webster” is a collection of photographs capturing the lair and secret atelier of the unparalleled genius. The monochrome photographs taken during the 1970’s, along with the colored pictures capturing the final moments of Henry Darger’s room in 1999, photographed by Japanese photographer, Keizo Kitajima, tell the story of the mysterious and solitary life of the extraordinary artist.

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